The Fens Discovery Centre

Written on Monday 6th December 2010

Visit Fenscape - for FREE.

Discover the Fens through interactive and audio visual displays, interpretive sculptures, theatrical sets, graphic panels and more...

Each display brings to life a particular aspect of the Fens unique past and involves the audience in issues and choices faced by the people that were involved in what we see today.

You can learn about the landscape today and how future changes will affect it?

Read about the drainage story and then take part in an interactive debate over the drainage of the Fens in a specially designed courtroom?

Or perhaps you could take a journey into the Fenland apothecary and find out about some of the weird and wonderful cures that fenfolk used to treat illnesses like malaria? could you match the cure to the illness?

Why not take the horticulture challenge and see how much you know about horticulture in the Fens. Then have a go at our Bird Game, a modern take on the traditional game of Snakes and Ladders and learn the calls of the wild whilst watching the changing landscape in our Bird Hide.

Visit us and find out much more about what the Fens have to offer and find out about other places to visit from the Tourist Information Centre based within the attraction. Finally whilst you are visiting us why not browse the wonderful gift shop which hosts an extensive range of crafts, games and local produce from juices, jams and preserves to the famous Maud Foster Mill?s flour, muesli and porridge oats.

Fenscape can be found just off the A151 and the A16 junction near to Spalding, Lincolnshire. The attraction and shop can be found within Springfields Shopping Outlet and Festival Gardens and we are situated within the 25 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens.

Admission is FREE to the attraction.


Information supplied courtesy of

via Spalding 2010 and South Holland brochure


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