Occupation Life. Real lives on German Occupied Guernsey

by Molly Bihet Molly Bihet

The Channel Islands were the only British territory to be occupied during World War II.

All copies signed by Molly, individually.

My family stayed in Guernsey throughout five years of occupation and have lived all our lives on Guernsey and were all born in St Peter Port.


This book re-lives the happenings and frights amongst family and friends, and real life stories from children at school and play. I was aged nine in 1940 and remember the near panic when half the population were evacuated to the UK and shortly afterwards the German air raid on St Peter Port harbour when many civilians lost their lives. The Germans arrived two days later.

Then in 1942 and 1943, the forced deportation of more than 1000 people from Guernsey to internment camps in Germany. Pictures of such great joy as the Red Cross ship Vega arrived, the Liberation Day celebration and so many other historic photographs capturing Real Lives on German Occupied Guernsey.

Foreword by Dame Mary Perkins

Evacuation, Occupation, Deportation and Liberation.

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