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A fascinating account of Robert Delaney, who seems to be the first person to have been given the name of cat-burglar. 

A bigamist, deserter, thief and con man he would don monocle, top hat and dinner jacket and a polished manner which enabled him, at times, to pass himself off as the gentleman he certainly was not! 

His connection with Swineshead seems to have begun when he married a wealthy widow, whose wealth however soon disappeared.  He also acquired another ‘wife’ and other ‘wealth’ which however just as rapidly disappeared.

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Tennyson Poems in Lincolnshire Dialect - CD

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Swineshead at War

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Bonneville – Go or Bust

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The German Occupation of the Channel Islands

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Perry's Official Guide to Guernsey

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Lincolnshire's Farm Animals? A Brief History

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

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Lincolnshire Murder & Crime

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Crimson Skies

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Lincolnshire Natives and Others

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Monk's Road: Lincoln's East End through time.

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Lincolnshire Villains: Rogues, Rascals and Reprobates

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Tales of a Gravedigger Vol 1

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The Lincolnshire Seaside

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Excellent present - a diary with a voucher included

Our Price: £10.00

A Sailor's Tale

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Lincolnshire: A century on Film. Reel One ? A New Century

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Boston, Lincolnshire. Historic North Sea port and market town

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Lincolnshire Buildings in the Mud & Stud Tradition

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Lincolnshire A Dog Walker's Guide.

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Katherine Swynford

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Story of a Lanc - NX611 - Just Jane

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Channel Island Occupation Review No. 26

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Ruskington: As I Remember It

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Beautiful Guernsey

Our Price: £2.00

Just Douglas: A Navigator's Story

Our Price: £0.00

Lincoln's Castle, Bail and Close

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German Tunnels, in Guernsey, Alderney and Sark

Our Price: £15.50

Sir Joseph Banks - Rooted in Lincolnshire

Our Price: £15.00

Sylvia Pankhurst - Everything is possible. DVD

Our Price: £20.00

For Better For Worse

Our Price: £8.95

Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders

Our Price: £50.00

Bomber Command. The Victoria Cross Raids

Our Price: £14.95

Festung Alderney; The German Defences of Alderney

Our Price: £17.50

The History & Archaeology of Jethou

Our Price: £20.00

The Lincolnshire Wolds

Our Price: £20.00

Born into Poverty

Our Price: £10.00

The Military Airfields of Britain, East Midlands

Our Price: £16.99

Uphill Lincoln II: The North-Eastern Suburbs

Our Price: £6.50

Iron in the Blood by Fred Pope

Our Price: £9.99

Channel Island Occupation Review No. 40

Our Price: £9.75


Our Price: £3.45

They Spread Their Wings: Six courageous airmen in combat.

Our Price: £14.99

Channel Island Occupation Review No. 22

Our Price: £4.50

Eastern Hospitals and English Nurses

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The History of Boston

Our Price: £17.99

All Things Lincolnshire

Our Price: £25.00

Images of Lincolnshire Farming by Alan Stennett

Our Price: £14.95

Beetroot for Breakfast! Tales from the Land Girls of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Our Price: £10.00

The Channel Islands

Our Price: £9.99